Solar Crank Powered Radio

It is possible to receive signals from a wide range of frequency bands by using a radio that is powered by a crank. In this respect, a crank-powered radio is no different from any other radio that is powered by batteries or wall current. When a user turns a crank powered radio, an electrical current is generated.

Most often, crank-powered radios are included in emergency preparedness packages and camping gear. During a natural catastrophe, crank radios can be used to listen to news and other radio signals if the power supply to the home is disrupted. There’s a built-in battery pack within your radio that stores the electrical current generated by the hand crank. Cranks can be used in conjunction with active devices or before they are turned on, depending on their design.

There are a variety of options for powering hand crank radios nowadays, including the use of standard flashlight batteries or a power cable. When normal power sources are no longer available, these radios can continue to be used. A crank-powered radio is seen as a safety measure by those who live in harsh climates or in areas where hurricanes and tornadoes are widespread. It is still possible for a homeowner to listen to music and emergency weather reports even if extreme weather knocks out electricity.

Hand-crank radios, in their modern forms, can also be used to power other devices. Many systems today, for example, will include a connector for plugging in and charging a cell phone battery. This feature is extremely useful in an emergency because it allows the cell phone to continue making and receiving calls.