Multifunctional Retractable Drawer Type Shelf


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1. Effectively expand the storage space of cabinets and cracks, which can provide a lot of storage space.
2. The sticker design has no marks, no need to punch, and the smooth guide rail design is convenient for storage and retrieval.
3. Easy to put on the shelf, easy to take and place, and more worry-free storage.
4. It can be affixed between the cabinet and the refrigerator to make full use of the space.
5. Oil bottles, kitchen paper, toiletries and skin care products can all be put away.

Product information:
Material: PP
Installation method: wall suction
Number of layers: 1 layer
Storage scene:, kitchen storage, bedroom storage, bathroom storage, living room storage
color: White
Specification: 28.1*11.5*11.3cm

Packing list:

Additional information

Weight 283.00 kg
Dimensions 301 × 135 × 143 cm



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