Multifunctional Home Trapezius Smart Neck Neck Protector


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Repeated massage but the soreness does not decrease?
Your muscle strength is too weak!
Muscle strength is the ability to fight fatigue. If the shoulder and neck muscles are too weak, it is the shoulder and neck.
The important reason for repeated soreness is to deal with shoulder and neck soreness from the root cause. Compared with massage,
Exercise shoulder and neck is more important.

Not all shoulder and neck massagers
Can shake both shoulders

Jitter massage is better than no jitter
More relaxed shoulders and neck
Involve the cervical spine/back muscles
Release a lot of soreness and fatigue
Lazy exercise for right-angled shoulders.
Vest/Single neck wear for beauty
More than shoulder and neck pain, thick trapezius muscle is also a “shoulder beauty killer”!
[Liang Jie] Let you massage and knead trapezius regularly anytime, anywhere,
Scientifically exercise sultry right-angled shoulders.

Product information:

Material: ABS, metal
Style: Fashion
Features: Shoulder and neck massage
Colour: white, blue

Packing list:

 1*Massager  +1*charging cable

Product Image:

Additional information

Weight 180.00 kg
Dimensions 205 × 185 × 58 cm

White, Blue

Electrical outlet



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