Camping tent flashlight


This flashlight has a design which is appropriate to meet the demand of camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures. It has a large capacity maintenance-free rechargeable battery and multi-in-one suspension. It is absolutely suitable for outdoor activity.

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This product has the function of lighting, working as a torch, USB battery, USB connection power bank, emergency light and suspended in the form of 360 degrees rotation. When it is in the tent, you can use the included hanging hook to hang it. When it is suspended in the air, it has a large capacity battery (1000mAh) that can be charged with solar energy alone.

Button1: lights up the headlights,
Button 2: the lights on both sides
Button 3: one sidelight is on,
Button 4: power has been cut off.

There is a large capacity maintenance-free rechargeable battery (1000MAH)

Imported LED light bulb with green super bright white light patch, low energy consumption, and high brightness

Solar charging function

Folding handle, more convenient to use

Technical indicators

Name: Solar Flashlight
– material: ABS
– power specification: built-in large capacity maintenance-free rechargeable battery (1000MAH)
– three lighting modes: front flashlight/double sidelight/single sidelight
– light source: LED
– sunshine time: about 4-6 hours
– application: outdoor lighting

Package including
1X solar flashlight
1 x charging line

Do not leave it for a long time. Charge it for 4-6 hours every three months, or it will affect the battery life
When the light is dim, charge your battery immediately.
The charging time should not exceed 24 hours


Additional information

Weight 300.0 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 180 cm



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